Best WOMEN’S DAY gift for all the amazing women in your life: LET HER BE HERSELF !!!

I am sure you all must have heard of this beautiful romantic phrase often told to women “If you could see yourself through my eyes you’d see how amazing, how beautiful you are“.

I’d ask you to just do the opposite on this women’s day, in fact, everyday from this day onwards…

If you really want to appreciate the women in your life, give her the confidence that she doesn’t need to see herself through anybody’s eyes to know her worth. Because instead of seeking validations from others she should embody herself and unapologetically express her dreams, inner beauty and strength.

With makeup or without makeup, tell her she is beautiful anyway. When she is confused about what to wear tell her DEVI (goddess) or DIVA she can pull off any look. Assure her that she should first honor herself and doesn’t need to bear disrespect and disgrace just because she is someone’s wife or daughter.

Free her from the fear of not being perfect enough and encourage her to embody her soul and embrace her imperfections. Don’t just compliment her beautiful face but her beautiful spirit. Don’t just appreciate her success but support her during her failure and appreciate her undying spirit to get up and learn.

Love her but don’t deceive her into believing that your actions of jealousy, possessive or blaming behaviour are expressions of love. Stop correcting and nagging her to do things. Don’t force your thinking on her. Let her decide for herself.

If she asks you about how to impress your friends and family tell her just to BE HERSELF. She should not compromise herself and her truth for someone else’s happiness or approval. She is not obliged to be nice all the time to all the people. She needs to stop saying yes to everyone and learn to say NO without explaining herself.

Teach her not to shy away from facing uncomfortable and difficult scenarios because the things we run from don’t explicitly appear in front of us but linger just beneath. Teach her to be brave, to defend herself and not to be a victim ever because a woman’s life can not be just about the diamonds in her finger but also the sword in her hand.

She is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, but She is a HUMAN first. Why burden only her with these restrictions and responsibilities when marriage, children and everything is a bond between two? Encourage her to pursue her passion and follow her dreams rather than pleasing family and society. They are their own individual with their own identity and have their own drives, desires, passions and interests to discover for themselves.

No woman should be expected to be a SuperWoman. She needs to stop loading her plates. Doing everything all by herself is not her moral obligation. Tell her that She is allowed to feel exhausted, spent and overwhelmed. She doesn’t need to feel guilty if she fails or misses. Share her load. Share responsibilities and act accordingly.

Motivate her, encourage her but don’t nag and dominate. Let her decide what is good or bad for her. Support her decisions by stop being judgmental. Let her evolve by providing her space to experiment and the courage to take risks. Let her take chances, make mistakes and grow.

Don’t impose on her your perception of an ideal woman. Don’t let the heavy burden of your expectations hamper her growth. Don’t weigh down her wings , don’t cage her spirit.

Dear Men, a millennial woman does not expect to be treated like a queen but as an equal in all respect. So not just in personal life but in professional life too, treat every woman you interact with as your equal. Give her credit for her ideas, her contribution , hire them, pay them, promote them without any bias if they truly deserve. Don’t factor her personal life in professional decisions. Fortify them against any kind of mistreat and harassment.
Dear Women, compete but don’t envy another woman. Let’s stop judging and start supporting each other. All women should work to empower other women.

Accept and love her as she is…



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