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Modern-Day 7 Vachan (7 Vows) For A Happier And Stronger Marriage

Marriage in today’s world is encountering many new kinds of changes and challenges. The nature of partnership of couple in marriage has totally changed then what it used to be in the past.

There are many issues with the modern marriage today, maybe our expectations from this institution and from our partner have evolved. Weddings have become bigger, louder and more expensive. We now go beyond traditional wedding rules, traditional wedding lehengas and everything but …. the 7 vachan (Vows) are still the same, WHY? We every day now come across terms like Modern- Day Bride, Modern Wedding, Modern Marriage, Modern Couple, why nobody talks about Modern 7 Vachan???

Let’s add some more to those traditional 7 vows.

You will be my best friend and my equal in all things:

Marriage is surely a task that requires both partners to contribute something meaningful to the relationship and respect each other’s contributions. Modern marriages are free of the danger of dominance,power struggle and the traditional gender roles’ strategy because we are all just people, playing within our strengths and weakness and most of us do not fit neatly into such pre-conceived gender roles.

We Agree to Disagree, but I still love you the same:

Your partner is definitely a reflection of yours but they don’t need to be your mirror image. It’s not about how much you both agree and praise each other but how you handle disagreements. Learn from each other and grow together. It is very necessary to realise the importance of agreeing to disagree in marriage. Remember, differences are not always menacing, if managed well, these can assist in the growth of a relationship.

We will be a Team and our marriage will be our priority:

You and your partner should really be a team. Set a strong and solid boundary around yourself and be aware of allowing anybody to get in between. Make sure that you and your partner listen to your own inner voices, and not the voices of others. Never let anybody interfere too much, be it family, friends or foes. Stand up for each other. Protect your marriage against everything that can potentially cause harm.

There will be no Guessing Games but a constructive communication:

Don’t play guessing games. Your partner should definitely be aware of your needs but you can’t expect them to know things automatically. Talk through your feelings and expectations appropriately. Effective communication is always better than sarcastic remarks, hidden agendas or unsaid feelings. Knowing each other makes the marriage stronger.

We will continue Dating each other:

Life is insanely busy and stressful but still, continue dating each other. Don’t let your marriage suffer because of your busier schedules and bigger responsibilities. Do date nights and connect as romantic partners. Go for a movie, dinner or take up a hobby. After all, marriage is not just about managing your roles as parents or just being regular housemates. It’s also about love and passion.

To Travel the whole World with my world :

Never underestimate the role of Travel in marriage. A couple learns and experiences so much together while travelling. While exploring the world you also get to explore each other. Roam the untravelled roads hand in hand and let LOVE guide your destiny.

Last but not the least,

To work on our own #Couple Goals:

Thanks to social media for bringing in the concept of #CoupleGoals but I strongly feel that love does not have to follow any linear path, it can blaze its own trail. Observe and do what works best for you ,you don’t have to aspire other couples’ relationship goals. It doesn’t need to be perfect but real and true.

Though there might be one or many promises here which are not applicable to all situations and to everybody. So please add some more Vows which according to you are must for a modern day marriage in the comment box.



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