Short Story

From Your Secret Santa

This year I wanted to celebrate Christmas with all the commonly observed customs. A custom that I loved the most was to leave one chair empty on Christmas Eve Dinner for an unexpected guest. No unexpected guest ever arrives but still, it is an important Christmas custom in Poland.

I arranged everything. I and Mr Husband were about to start our dinner and we heard a gasping knock at our door. We looked at each other and then looked at that empty seat that we kept.

He said,”Don’t panic, it might be some friend”.

But NO!

There was a big old Santa, coughing and leaning against our door. Mr Husband came to open the door, Santa smiled and said,”Hi, I am your neighbor, I am planning to go to every door in the locality to ask people to donate some gifts for my grand children. Poor Kids lost their parents in an accident a week ago. I have no money left to bring them Christmas gifts.”

We were skeptical but decided to honor our unexpected Christmas eve guest. Not only we donated gifts but we invited him and his grand children to join us for the dinner.

After they left, I find a card written in a kid’s handwriting under my Christmas tree. Which read, “I don’t have any gift for you this year but I will talk to God to make all your dreams come true. Your Secret Santa.”

Tear rolled down my eyes…

#TellTaleThursday with ANSHU & PRIYA



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