Is it too late to start a career in your 30s?

It was at age 32 that the stars aligned perfectly and I found a career.

I obtained my post graduation in MBA (HR) in 2013, got married in the same year and moved to Krakow with my husband. I was on a Dependent Visa so technically I had no work permit to get any job here in the new city.

I never had any trouble with the status of Stay At Home Wife. I pursued my interests in photography, dancing and writing which is what I have dreamed of doing from years. Along with homemaking, I enjoyed exploring new city & culture. Meeting new people was so enlightening. Developed my photography and editing skills and got to travel a lot. I also started blogging and another best experience was welcoming MURPHY and becoming a Dogmom. Read my journey here YES, I AM A STAY AT HOME WIFE (WITH NO KIDS!)

Then after 4 years when Mr Husband and I got the Blue Card, I got the permission to work here in Poland and I got my first job offer from Lufthansa. I was all happy, excited and confident but the thought of starting my career in my 30s made me feel intimidated too.

I took some time to immerse myself in this new journey, to settle into the new routine before writing about my experiences. Today I would like to share the lessons I have learned so far. Maybe my journey can inspire someone who wants to start his/her career after the 30s but is scared and unsure to do so. Believe you me, it’s never too late to start and here is why…

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you that you are going to begin a brand new life/career. Put your fears aside and appreciate your efforts and your own abilities. Cheer up!

For sure, starting over at age 30 is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It has got many layers attached to it, sometimes it will get a little confusing and sometimes it will be so empowering. More than doubts and negatives invest your energy on your strengths and skills. You might also need to prepare yourself to face people who can question your judgment.

No, 30 isn’t too late to start anything. It’s just one of those typical things that society try to infuse in our brains. It’s ok to shift gears and go in a totally different direction, it’s ok if you feel like inventing and re-inventing yourself and it’s perfectly ok if you have a different journey, not everyone is destined to have their entire lives figured out at the age of 23. Just unlock the energy and lead with your guts.

Now if you are determined to bring in this change, consider the following step-by-step guide to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Explore All The Contributing Factors Leading To Your Decision: Let’s bring it into focus for your own situation to understand why you need to shift gears and start afresh. People need to constantly invent and reinvent themselves. Determine that what is that main driving factor for your decision, for example; you are not satisfied by your past jobs, you aren’t sure about what you would like to do, you are exploring your options, you want to earn money or be it anything. Do the self-analysis because this one factor will help to guide and motivate you throughout your new journey.
  2. Have Confidence In Your Decision: Your past accomplishments will be your biggest strength in this stage of your life. By this age, the other parts of our life become very important to our contentment in life, say, Friends, Family, Hobbies. Etc and now we can focus better on our work. It’s not only not too late to build a career and a life starting at 30, but you are also now much sorted and are in a better position to choose wisely because now you know yourself better and you have so much more experience. So possibly the success rate is higher. You can definitely take the right decision and implement them at the right time as you are WISER AND MORE CONFIDENT THAN EVER BEFORE!
  3. Consider Your Needs and Abilities: Definitely sky is the limit but practically you have to consider a few things, such as your needs, abilities, skills and experience that you have gained so far. Your aptitude, interests and economic conditions everything plays a vital role in selecting your career. When considering a career goal, age is surely an important factor. There are only a few careers that would be ruled out by the age of 30. Anything that requires maximum physical ability, those that require years and years of training, Depending on your physical condition. If there is any community college, adult school, or career centre available, inquire about taking some classes to upgrade your skill set or to learn anything new. You can also take some online classes. Consider taking a career assessment test which can help you determine a career you will enjoy rather than choosing something at random. Keep in mind all those realistic Demands of life such as income you need, the location of work etc.
  4. How To Get The First Job In Your 30s: Create a list of the jobs that interest you. These jobs should include those related to your college major, if applicable, volunteer work you did in your 20s and 30s or a hobby that you have enjoyed since you were at least in your 20s in which you now consider yourself proficient. Consider career assessment tests. Create your resume. Stay well informed with the facts relevant to gain employment such as The Equal Employment Opportunity Act states that an employer cannot base a hiring decision on your age. Make a job-hunting schedule. Look for entry-level positions or jobs that do not require a lot of work experience. Take advantage of the network and connections you have made up until your 30s as these personal connections could make good job references.
  5. Let Go of Anxiety and Let Things Happen: Be patient with yourself. When you take such big decisions, it takes time for those to take the desired shape. It doesn’t matter how slowly you start what matters is that you finish. Go step by step and reach your level up. Celebrate small milestones on this new journey.
  6. Inspiration & Motivation: Read about success stories of other people to keep yourself motivated. I got inspired by each person’s story I read. I loved their stories and learned so much about life, hard work and passion. I will be sharing here a few of my favourite success stories, each of them had different careers before discovering their true passion and how bravely every single one fought against the odds to emerge as the winner in the end.

JK Rowling didn’t release the first Harry Potter novel until she was 32.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as Grandma Moses was a renowned American folk artist. She began painting in earnest at the age of 78 and is often cited as an example of an individual who successfully began a career in the arts at an advanced age.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, began her prolific painting career at 78. In 2006, one of her paintings sold for $1.2 million. Previously, she was a housekeeper and farm laborer.

Joy Behar: Comedian and former ‘The View’ talk show host Joy Behar has always had the gift of gab, but she didn’t get her start in comedy until nearly dying from an ectopic pregnancy in her late 30s persuaded her to quit her teaching job and pursue her dream.

Sylvester Stallone was 30 years old when Rocky was released.

Julia Child – After college, she worked as a copywriter, writing for local publications, and in advertising until the age of 29. After the war and at the age of 36, she and her husband moved to Paris. He introduced her to fine cuisine. That’s where she attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and studied with other master chefs and later became a renowned Celebrity Chef.

If you have an unfulfilled dream, don’t lose hope and just keep going. And my dear, if you’re in your 30’s like me, don’t worry, you still have your best years ahead of you.
What actually is expected at this age from us? To be settled, sorted and stopped so that we don’t screw up in the remaining decades? But why generalise, right? Maybe we are living our perfect life but who said that it can’t get any more better!!! Forget those rules and go with your gut, maybe your destiny is calling you for something bigger. It’s never too late to do what you love and have your big impending breakthrough…

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  • A BROAD with Perspective

    You totally captured the risk/reward of putting yourself out there and continuing to pursue your goals. We always need to keep pushing through to reach the next best version of ourselves. Loved reading about your journey.

  • Sadie

    Yes yes yes! 100% agree with this! It’s never too late, I hate hearing people my age say this, like you have years left its okay to start a career when you’re 30-40. To be honest most people regret not taking the chance when they become ‘too old’

    So why not take it when the opportunity arises.

    Loved this blog.

    • Bhavna Saurabh Sharma

      Thank you so much Sadie for the read and your beautiful feedback means a lot to me <3 stay blessed and a very happy new year.

  • Chloe Chats

    This is such an inspiring post! I also feel like it’s not spoken about enough! When I was younger I actually feared that if I didn’t have my dream job by 21 then I’ve failed and it won’t happen, I’m 24 now and I am working but it’s no where near my dream job but I know that I don’t have anything to worry about because I’ll get there even if I’m in my 30s by the time I do! Thank you for sharing!

    Chloe xx

  • Mummy Thomas' Blog

    Never too late, I am 31 and just set off in a new career path x Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashvini Naik

    First of all, a Happy new 2019 to you & Saurabh. And congrats on your first job dear.

    I’m a year away from 30 & yes, I know what it takes to start or restart your career after a long spell at home. And just like you, I happened to get my first job only after marriage at 22. I did work in a corporate environment & after our daughter came along, it was harder to rekindle jobhunt & also upgrade my technology on my own when the toddler slept.

    Every struggle is special. Everyone has his/her own journey & each one’s is endearing.

    True, Bhavna. I feel life just begins at 30 & we get better with that. Life isn’t a race & it gets hard only if we set our goals based on others’ benchmarks.

    Love what you’re telling others about not giving up. Indeed happiness is when your passion becomes your work.

  • Ira PT

    Society has this thing where it puts clauses with everything and somehow people fall into the trap easily. There is nothing wrong in being a SAHM (as you proudly stated) or a working one. It is how things fit in to make life worth living. Work is often associated with offices; only if skill is given more privilege this notion of age will take a back seat. you are as good in your thirties as your twenties, maybe a bit wiser ;), only health should be on your side.

  • Ira

    Society has this thing where it puts clauses with everything and somehow people fall into the trap easily. There is nothing wrong in being a SAHM (as you proudly stated) or a working one. It is how things fit in to make life worth living. Work is often associated with offices; only if skill is given more privilege this notion of age will take a back seat. you are as good in your thirties as your twenties, maybe a bit wiser ;), only health should be on your side.

  • Sushma Yadav

    Very well written….many ppl like us will feel motivated after reading this.
    Keep it up!!!
    Keep the Josh always high.

  • Krissy

    This is an awesome article! I truly believe it’s never too late to do what you’ve always wanted to do 💙 I love how you listed examples of people who became super successful after 30! 💙

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