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Tips And Tricks To Wear Office Makeup With Perfection


First things first, I believe that there are no rules for makeup. Anything that makes you feel confident and reflects your personality is good. No comparisons and no judgements. Each one of us has our own taste when it comes to make up so go ahead and feel powerful with every choice you make.

According to what I generally witness that in the office or say for work, we avoid the glamorous party-on kinda look, it is not the place or occasion where we go with smoky eyes or glittering makeup. But that doesn’t mean that we are supposed to appear at work looking blank or we have just woke up. It’s about the right balance. A makeup look that doesn’t look too made-up and highlights your professional charisma.

I will be sharing with you all some of the office make-up tricks that works best for me and I am sure they will help you with your office make-up routine too.

1. Start With Clean & Well Moisturized Skin: Makeup is not a substitute for good and healthy skin, never forget that. Keep it clean and well moisturized so that you don’t get this urge of putting layers and layers of foundation to cover up. Drink lots of water for that real glow.

2. Sheer Coverage & Spot Concealing: As I mentioned we don’t want to look cakey or washed out with too much foundation so best is to use a good moisturizer then apply your primer and for foundation either use a powder foundation or any weightless or water-based foundation. You can also use a BB cream with SPF. Dot it all over your face and use fingers to spread and blend. Then for under eye area and for spots use a concealer.

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3. Face Sculpting: Avoid using strong bronzing and highlighting. Use easily blendable products. Strong face sculpting is good for photos but in reality, sometimes it looks very unnatural if done overboard. I would suggest going for cream highlighters or strobe cream which doesn’t contain sparkle or glitters. Your Bronze and Blush should give a melting into your skin effect.

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4. Blushing Game: Definitely same rule applies to blush use rather than using extreme red and pinks go for subtle peachy or reddish-brown shades so that they merge well with your bronzer and also you can just use this blush and can skip bronzing. I would prefer tints.

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5. Lipstick Tales: Go for a long-lasting formula or something like balmy crayons for regular touch-ups. For everyday use try to opt for demi-matte as compare to drying super-matte formulae. Keep the shade subtle, My-Lips-But-Better kinda shades actually. Try reddish brown, peachy or pinkish tint for your lips that gives your lip the perfect hint of colour to complete your bright and awake look. Surely you can have bold lips but for that rest of the face should be kept minimal and simple.
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6. Eye Drama: A good eyelash curler and a waterproof mascara is a must. Avoid big dramatic falsies and focus on working on your lashes like to use mascara that can increase their volume and length. Never underestimate the power of full and nicely done brows. For eyeshadow, you can use all kind of nude shades yes both in matte and metallic. You can definitely add a pop of colour but not like a statement stunt. If you want to keep it more subtle you can use your highlighters and bronzer to define the eye look. I would highly recommend building your own custom palette of eyeshadows you prefer for your professional makeup looks.

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7. Avoid Cakey Foundation Situation: I am sure you don’t want to look frumpy or dowdy in a few hours, for that make sure you do these 3 things:-

(a) After setting your face with powder do spray makeup fixing spray.
(b) keep your foundation and setting powder with you for touch ups.
(c) keep blotting papers too before every touch-up blot away the layer of oil from your face.

Posting some of My Office Makeup Looks here,
let me know which one you liked the most and also comment if you have some more ideas to share regarding office/work makeup.

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