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Why Every Couple Should Renew Their Wedding Vows To Rejuvenate Their Marital Bliss


Many little girls grow up dreaming of a fairytale wedding, with some even planning their wedding or dreaming of their perfect wedding dress before they have found a groom. I am no different than them… 5 years ago I got married to the most wonderful man in the world and I had this beautiful fairytale Indian wedding. Our wonderful wedding over the years turned into a wonderful marriage with love and dedication.

The man I fell in love with became my best friend, my soulmate, my companion and my partner in crime. I just didn’t have a fairytale wedding but my marriage itself is a fairytale. Through every thick and thin we kept our relationship as our number one priority. We both stood up for each other and always protected our marriage against everything that could cause any damage to it. One thing which I cherish the most in our marriage is that we never miss celebrating our love, be it any special occasion or a regular day we always celebrate our bliss of togetherness. It doesn’t matter whether the day is good or bad- he brings me a rose daily.

Idea Of Wedding Vow Renewal


One fine evening Mr Husband asked me what I wanted for our 5th Marriage Anniversary. I couldn’t think of anything big or grand so I said, “just you and me sitting with a cosy blanket in chilly November with a glass of wine remembering everything beautiful about these 5 years and promising each other an even better future”.
He held me closer, kissed my forehead and asked, “Is there anything that makes you feel like I Wish I Did That At My Wedding!”
Jumping with excitement I said, “Yes… yes… yes… I always wanted to dress up in a white wedding gown, wanted us to read our own vows to each other in the presence of God.” But as we are not Christian, it’s not something that could be easily carried out never thought about it again.”

He then proposed the idea of renewing our vows in the presence of God and thank Him for this beautiful life that we share together. He suggested that we can plan our photoshoot as a Bride and Groom to make that dream come alive. Though we know we might not get a legal permission from the church to do the proper church wedding here in Poland because there are some religious and legal requirements for that.

How We Planned Our Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony


I could not think of any destination for this celebration other than this beautiful city of Krakow. This city is a witness to our love. I wanted us to get clicked in the streets where we have walked together hand in hand, where we have fought and kissed each other. So the destination was fixed. After that, we booked a photographer and then started searching for the perfect wedding dress. And the most exciting part was that we wrote our own vows. Our wedding renewal vows were about the love we share and our promises to each other for building a great future together. To read what we wrote in our vows, please click here Real Wedding Vows You will Love

Everything went as planned and I think we had the time of our lives. I would love to share some pictures with you of our special day. To see more pictures please click here Our Wedding Vows Renewal Moments

I think this was the best way to celebrate our anniversary. It was such an emotional experience. I would highly recommend to renew your vows and rejuvenate your bliss to bring that romance and charm in your marriage. Each couple that wants to renew their wedding vows has their own personal reason for choosing to do so, for me, the idea of expressing our love and gratitude to each other in this beautiful way and also to celebrate our marriage in our favourite city seemed like as good a reason as any.

Things to be considered for Vow Renewal


We spend so much time and money planning our wedding but how many of us really think about revisiting those vows ever again? But if you want to renew your vows there are few things to be considered, such as:-

  1. Reasons that why you want to renew your vows: maybe you want to celebrate your marriage or you want to reaffirm your commitment. As of course, there’s no wrong reason to renew.
  2. When and how soon you want to renew: You can plan it any time after your wedding, on your first anniversary or on your 10th. Every time is the right time to celebrate Love. There are some couples who don’t want to renew too soon or too often, while there are others who do it every year.
  3. Where you want to renew your vows: you can renew your vows anywhere that has sentimental meaning for both of you, at home, on the beach, as you may like.
  4. How you want to celebrate: Decide whether you want a large celebration or an intimate affair. Renewal of your vows is not a legal ceremony. It is only a symbolic, sentimental ceremony hence any kind of license or paperwork is not needed. But yes, Some officiants or wedding chapels may require to see your marriage certificate to confirm that you are already married.
  5. Invitations: It entirely depends on who is hosting the event but yes if you want you can keep it entirely private or choose to invite close friends and family. Remember vow renewal is not a second marriage, so unless you’re planning a big bash, limit your guest list.
  6. Your Vows:  Obviously the traditional wedding vows may not fit your vow renewal. You can check out some sample vows on the internet and use them for the occasion by modifying them to fit your ideas and thoughts. You can choose the theme, you can make them emotional or funny as you like. But, they should be brief and on point. Just honestly assess and review your journey and write your vows.
  7. What to wear: Feel free to dress up as you like.

Life brought both beautiful blessings and complex challenges over the years but strongest of couple keep their promises to love, honour and cherish one another through all things. They support each other through life’s toughest moments and find a new reason every day to fall in love. All those amazing couples should celebrate their love and marriage and should consider renewing their vows at least once. Vows renewal is a celebration that will surely help you to reconnect with each other and to reconnect to the power of your love. Don’t wait just go ahead and plan your celebration…

Your marriage is worth it.


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