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My Favourite Corners Of My Home


No doubt I love when those bright sunrays enter through my windows and flirt with my home but it’s in the evenings of winter I love it to the most when my castle shine brightly with the warmth of love and lights of candles & lamps. The fragrance of scented candles and bokeh of LEDs bring down all the stars in my home.

Living Room

There are so many favourite corners in the living room right from my centre table decor to the sofa sides. Statue of meditating Budha and some incense sticks brings in spiritual and calming energy. With candles, I also keep an earthen Diya as a candle holder to bring charm my decorations.


There is never a day without flowers in my home as I love the sight of fresh flowers in my home and Mr Husband makes sure of this. Flowersย instantly improve your mood. They radiate so much of positive, emotional and welcoming feel to those who enter a room.



Wooden clock, big mirror, family portraits and plants with some statues & sculptures I think this corner has my whole world intact in it. Every piece here signifies a thing or the other about my life.


Styled my side table with a beautiful lamp, the golden box of our memories and frame full of our pictures. Though his love enlightens my whole world this corner has reserved some special love rights.



That beautiful golden framed mirror, old Krakow pictures, chocolate coloured wall and silken curtains make it look so royal.


I love sleeping in candlelight with a mild and soothing fragrance.



A bathroom may be the least glamorous but an important space of the house. Hygiene and functionality are the basics that should be well taken care of. I love white bath towels and a nice fragrance in the bathroom. Also those fancy jute baskets for keeping toiletries. I keep artificial plants in the corner to add on some beauty to dull corners.




Pet’s Corner

My fur baby never leaves my side and he doesn’t like being confined to any corner, so I decided to keep his bed, his toys and cushions all together near the glass door of my bedroom where we get the maximum sunlight and he can watch over the whole society and his mama.



Plants are a must. As in Poland, during harsh weather conditions, I have to keep everything inside but until winters Balcony remains my favourite place to have coffee, to write, to play with my lab and cuddle with my love.



“Home is not about decor, design and furnishings …
it’s all about love, warmth and making memories”


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