Give Yourself A Little ‘Me’ Time

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How much efforts you put into being your best self for the people you love. In fact, not just 100% but all of us try to give more than our 100% to them. You make time for every small and big thing that matters to them. But have you ever thought of putting some efforts for your own self? Spending some time with yourself? Stealing away some moments in the day to spend with yourself?

I am sure you didn’t. Even if you did, you must have failed at this commitment because of three major reasons:

  • The guilt of keeping yourself on your priority list
  • An excuse of a busy schedule
  • Other major responsibilities

Why do you need to find some ‘Me’ time for yourself

When you have a family, work and home to maintain it may seem like a selfish act. But think it like this, to give our best we need time to be at our best. To create a balanced and happy life for ourselves and our families, it is very important that we keep our physical and mental being healthy and happy. Your kids, home, work and spouse is definitely your responsibility but don’t you need yourself for personal happiness and growth? Don’t be compulsively responsible for everyone and everything. For a healthier life, you need to set the priorities. If everyone else around you is worthy of care and attention, then so are you.

It is necessary to set some boundaries to follow a healthy pattern in life. You can not do everything for everyone, realize your limits and work accordingly. Also, don’t let others be too much dependent on you, you need to put a limit on the demands that other people can make on your time.

To be a better employee, better partner or better parent you first need to be a better person – a better individual first. To avoid that grumpy, irritated and snapping at every little thing attitude what is needed is some healthy moments of solitude so that you can connect with yourself and show up better for the people and situations in your life.

‘Me’ time can help you in so many ways

It is so important to take this pause of daily habits; be it having your coffee, dancing, taking a long walk in the garden, watching the sunset, cooking whatever that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Dedicating time and energy on yourself- on “me-time” helps in so many ways:

  • provides you with the opportunity to connect with your inner-self.
  • helps you to let go of things that aren’t in your control.
  • provides time to develop your hobbies and passion.
  • inspires you to explore and experience new things in life.
  • guides you to analyse your strength and weakness.
  • gives you enough time to know your dreams and set new goals
  • renews your energy and recharges you.
  • provides you space to balance the negatives with positives, fears with faith, expectations with gratitude.
  • It is the best way to love yourself as you become more comfortable with who you truly are as a person.
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • gives you time to think through any life situation you may have going on.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things for others but it is also essential to cancel plans sometime, to stay back and relax, to be at home doing nothing, and really pamper yourself. You owe yourself this healthy alone time to learn to focus on yourself. Prepare a list or think of things you really love doing and plan when and how to do it.

Commitment Complications

On your way, you surely gonna face some commitment complications as making yourself a priority had never been on your list before. It’s something you have to incorporate in your schedule and behaviour. And also, people around you need to adapt to your changed pattern and timetable. The guilt of not being available to others and the temptation of being perfect to others all the time will bring many scenarios for you to stumble and fall. It will further lead you to break this promise and forget your commitment towards yourself. And, you will be back to square one.

Make it as your self-improvement goal and create your set of short term and long term goals around it. In the process, sometimes some rules will be broken, there will be cravings, self-doubt, guilt, cursing, etc. Many times you will stop and wonder if this worth it? In those moments convince yourself that yes, you are totally worth it.

How to take ‘Me’ time out of your schedule

  1. Write down your current timetable.
  2. Evaluate the things that are wasting your time each day.
  3. Think of tasks that can be delegated occasionally or permanently.
  4.  Learn to say No and learn to ask for help.
  5. Decide how you want to spend “me” time.
  6.  Create a daily ritual.
  7. Put it on the to-do list.
  8. Commit to that daily ritual.
  9. Communicate it to the family and friends.
  10. Schedule it on the calendar or set an alarm.

And, 3 very important points.

  • Do anything and everything you have to do to make it happen every day.
  • Unless you consider texting or talking on the phone a relaxing activity for yourself it will be better to keep all devices turned off.
  • If you are spending your “me” time at home just make sure that those around you are aware that you will be unavailable during that time frame, except in an emergency.

So cancel your plans, put down the phone, and get to hang out with yourself.



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