Short Story

Mannequin Princesses And Their First Halloween


Museum was closing, they were tired after standing all day. Gates were locked, lights were put off but they had to wait for some time more until the security guard slept.

Today the three mannequin princesses of the museum have decided to see the human world outside the museum. They have always wondered about this place right at the back of the museum where music remains on the whole night and where they always hear people laughing and enjoying. Their excitement today was more than usual because they heard a group of young visitors talking about this HALLOWEEN PARTY in the disc just at the back of the museum.

They opened the gates to live at least one night with the trends of this new era. Before leaving they looked at each other. Since they were all dressed up in their old era big heavy princess gowns, they were quite unsure but they didn’t want to waste any time.

To their surprise, they saw everybody dressed up so weird.
They tried to enter the disk but the guard denied them the entry as they had no entry passes.

Three girls approached them and said, “Hey, we saw what happened there and we can take you in with us if only you lend us your Halloween Costume tonight. Dresses for passes, what say?”.

They smiled at each other and said, “Yes”.

All decked up in superfine modern dresses three mannequin princesses danced and party the whole night.

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