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Krakow Street Performers






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All these wonderful pictures are taken in Krakow, Stare Miasto. Kraków Old Town is the historic central district of Kraków, Poland. The entire medieval old town is among the first sites chosen for the UNESCO’s original World Heritage List. As a tourist destination, it attracts visitors from all over the world. It is so vibrant, lively and attractive throughout the year. The streets still have that beautiful old era charm and what adds more to its beauty are the super talented street performers of Krakow.

I love how these amazing street performers infuse colour, music, rhythm, smile and fun to these lifeless streets. How beautifully they connect with each and every heart that is roaming around and their majestic magic attracts the lone walker. So much of hard work and emotions they put into their art. Their charisma and their art are no less than any stage performance.

Next time if a street performer makes you stop walking and captures your heart and soul, remember you owe him a buck.

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