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Finding Missing Pieces Of My Love On A Blind Date With The World

“I think we should take a break so we can have some time to figure it out” I shouted and burst into tears. I thought he would hug me and try to settle it all but instead, Mr husband responded with a “yes”. I marched back to my room, banged the door and locked myself in. Next day I called up my bestie and told her about the fight.  she started laughing and said, “sweety, you guys are an inspiration, your fairytale romance keeps our faith alive in love. Disagreements and arguments are normal, maybe you both are just stressed out. Yes, you guys need a break but not from each other rather from your routine. Why you guys don’t plan a HOLIDAY??? Think about it and I will call you later”.

I was still feeling so angry and ignored after the fight that it was impossible to even imagine repairing the relationship but I really wanted to identify the missing pieces of our bond. The doorbell rang, he was back home and asked me about my day, I just nodded my head in fine with a half-hearted smile. We had our dinner and get into our bed to sleep.

Lying on my bed, I was gazing at stars outside my window and saw an aeroplane flying with its flickering light. I remembered my bestie’s advice about the holidays and quickly wished upon that flight, “Oh sweet world! please take us somewhere on a blind date with you so that I can find those lost missing pieces of my love back in you“. I wished upon that flight like kids wish upon the shooting star. Suddenly I felt his arms around me. He held me tight and said, “Hey love, I Missed you”. Tears rolled down my cheek. We hugged each other and were about to kiss but interrupted by a knock on our window.

There was this smiling fairy with the wings of the crane, with the yellow scarf on her neck and was wearing a navy dress. She gave us a folded map and said, “Wish Granted”. Stamping the crane logo on our wrist she said,

Follow the instructions and do not delay… we are giving you the wings and your love will find the way”

We opened the map and it pulled us into itself…. whoa! we were standing in a beautiful fairytale European old town, beeping red dot in the map showed us that we were in  The Main Market square in Krakow, Poland.

Main-Market-And-Basilica.jpgThis place brought back the first missing piece CHARM, that fairytale charm of our bond was back. We hugged each other as if we had met each other after years of separation.

Famous Krakow horse carriage was waiting for us. We got onto that and it took us to a big garden through the beautiful Royal Route there we find this majestic Private Jet Fleet. Two magical black ribbons came flying and blindfolded us before we began our journey.


Somebody escorted us withholding our hands to this unknown place. I could feel the cold, smell the freshness and touch the flowers. Black ribbon flew off from our eyes,

I could not contain the joy filled in my heart

by this beautiful land,

And the red dot on map beeped,

wow!!! it was Switzerland.

I screamed with joy and started dancing with the wind on the Mount Rigi, the queen of mountains. I was caught off guard by a romantic Kiss from Mr Husband. He cuddled me and said, I fall all over in love again with this beautiful smile of yours”. In that very moment, the second missing piece that is ROMANCE was found and fit back.


Everybody dreams of having an adventure they can remember their entire life. We too got our dream fulfilled as we trekked down our way to this beautiful wooden house as guided by the map. While trekking across we lived the beauty of that beautiful place, cowbells were striking chord with the wind and there was music in the wind and aah! those breathtaking panoramic views, it was definitely a visit to heaven on earth.

That wooden house was filled with cowbells and cuckoo clocks, we both sat near the fireplace and fell asleep thinking about the Crane Logo on our hand. We woke up to the beeping sound in the map and saw the black ribbon came flying again and blindfolded us. We could feel that there was this whole crew of angels taking us again to the flight. We could even feel their wings and their helping hands. This flight was so comfortable, we both slept like babies. Each time we travelled, we travelled in the quietest and most exclusive way. And the amazing food we were served, didn’t let us miss home at all.

There was no barrier of time and place. Just in another moment I heard happy, excited voices of children playing around us… and the black ribbons flew away …

And before that red dot could beep,

we were already jumping like kids.

Coz, nothing could have stopped us,

we were in Disneyland P-a-r-i-s.

Oh my!!! How it actually feels like when your childhood dream comes true and you are at your favourite destination with your favourite person. We just started off with all those fun and adventures rides, I remember I was holding him so tight through all those scary rides… those Disneyland rides made me realise that everything is going to be alright when he is by my side. We watched together the Disney parade and the majestic Light and Lazer show at the Disney Castle.



Through a beautiful train journey, the map took us to the illuminating Paris streets, we had an unforgettable evening in Paris, the city of lights and the city of love. The whole city was shining like a crazy diamond. The underlying charm of Louvre and My goodness the sight of Eiffel Tower at night. The moment it lightens up and flashes it surely gives competition to the brightest of the stars in the night sky. Mr Husband held me closer and whispered in my ear,” They say, a kiss under Eiffel tower is considered lucky for the lovers It seals their love forever.” I turned and kissed him with all my love and we sealed our love-deal forever. We founded another missing piece, it was COMMITMENT – a promise to stay by each other’s side forever, come what may.


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We roamed hand in hand in the beautiful streets of Paris and we got the message on the map that there is a red rickshaw waiting for us to take us back…


We could still see illuminating Paris from the window before our flight took off and before we were blindfolded with the black ribbon again. Even in my sleep, I could feel the adrenaline rush I had on those Disneyland rides but the adrenaline of our kiss under the Eiffel was unbeaten.

The next morning I could hear the sound of waves hitting shores, I could feel the breeze of beachy winds. We held hands and opened our eyes to the heavenly view of the majestic sea.

Dazzling whitewashed houses with blue domes,

Endorsing the light blue sky and the deep blue Aegean Sea.

We were standing on the land of the Gods,

yes, this time it was Greece.


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It was indeed so pure and pious, roaming through Oia and Fira we reached Kamari Beach. It was properly organised with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports and diving. It had beautiful decorations in the street and was so lively.

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Santorini had this one amazing Red Beach, the moment our feet touched its red sand it sparked the INTIMACY back in our love. One more lost gem of our love was founded. He held me closer and his gaze swept over me in admiration and I couldn’t stop blushing, it was so pure that it bought back every memory, right from the moment we first held hands, our first kiss and all those treasured moments.

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The map beeped a message that for a moment we were allowed to freely roam through beautiful Greece all by ourselves but we were asked to be back by sunset on the stairs under the windmill. Greece was definitely a soul fulfilling experience.


Black ribbons came flying to blindfold us again. He held my hand. I could feel that not just our bodies but our souls too were connected with each other. Afterall intimacy is not just physical but emotional too.

Next day, along with the music in the air, we could hear some laughs, It seemed to be a happening place with lot’s of fun going on.

while waiting for the ribbons to unfold,

our feet were already tapping with the disco jam.

picturesque canals, rich history, booze and bud

a destination that combines it all could not be other than Amsterdam



Map guided us to our bicycles and we explored the streets and the network of canals with our pedal power. Jordaan totally gave us the feel of stepping back in time. We enjoyed being lost in the labyrinth of narrow lanes. Then took a beautiful canal cruise.


The city came alive with the setting sun. Amsterdam has a thriving nightlife with awesome DJs and those loud party vibes. Who doesn’t know about the coffee shops and legal bud? Both of us decided to taste the fun. We looked for some trusted and famous coffee shop and tasted their magic truffle. What happened next was just fun… and lot’s of fun… And, yes FUN was another missing piece that we got back in Amsterdam. We danced and party the whole night.


Have no clue how we got into this beautiful room and someone just slid the envelope under the door. Mr Husband opened it and read, “hope you guys had good fun and now it’s time to get ready and bid goodbye to Amsterdam. The crew will be waiting for you near the land of windmills.” After a fantastic evening, I was super excited to visit the famous Zaanse Shans windmills



From the windmill came the black ribbons flying and blindfolded us again. His holding mine we got on to the flight. We were so tired that we slept off immediately. For the first time we heard the voice,”“Ladies and gentlemen, we are preparing for landing. Please fasten your seatbelt and make sure all carry-on luggage filled with memories of this trip is stowed underneath the seat in front of you. Thank you for choosing Lufthansa Star Alliance flight we wish you a great life ahead. We hope you enjoyed our flight. We wish to see you again. Auf Wiedersehen.”

We both woke up to the ringing wind chime on our window. Oh, those flashbacks of the trip didn’t seem imaginary at all rather felt like real memories. I was not ready to accept that it was just a lucid dream. Saw him lost in some thoughts, I hugged him and held him tight and said,” no it can’t just be a dream.” “Yes, you are right”, he said. We looked at each other and both said it together, “Finding missing pieces of our bond on the blind date with the world?”

All we were thinking that it couldn’t be a coincidence to have the same dream and remember each detail as it was. For a moment, we could forget all that we saw but the feeling of fulfilled happy heart and a happy home was not letting us let go.
All we wanted was some sign, some divine intervention to tell us that it was all real because it did felt like one of the most amazing trips of our life.

We waited, waited and waited but got nothing. Mr Husband then got up and went into the kitchen to prepare some coffee for us. Suddenly I heard him calling my name … I ran to saw him jumping with happiness, he was so excited, he was laughing out loud and shouting, “It wasn’t just a dream… it wasn’t just a dream.” And then he pointed towards our fridge and I was surprised to see it filled with the magnet souvenirs from all the places we visited.


We got our sign. I told Mr Husband if it was all true then there must be that trunk too which was our carry-on luggage on the flight. I wondered where it could be and where we should search for it? Mr Husband pointed towards the window and showed me a  crane flying over and dropping by an envelope, which read-

Spin your globe really fast

Drop your finger on a random location

 Your treasure is being kept safe

Follow the directions of your heart to reach your destination

We did as we were told and Hawai, USA it was. Both of us were so excited and for the first time we didn’t google and didn’t spend even one single minute in thinking and deciding how, when, where or anything. We just typed and checked for the flights … and took no time to book our Crane Fairy Lufthansa flight.

Travel definitely enriches life and fills our soul with beautiful and inspiring experiences. I think we should keep wanderlusting, keep travelling to re-fill our souls. It is so very important to connect with the world to reconnect with ourselves, to explore the unknown to know our own self better and who knows maybe to find ourselves again we are meant to be lost…

Sometimes in the middle of life,

we need some magic that can set all things right.

Let Travel be your Magic Wand,

Just spread your wings and get ready to fly.


Here is your chance to go the blind date with the world. Be open-minded, and gear up for the trip to unknown. Spin the globe and drop your fingers on 3 (undisclosed) destinations. Participate in the contest and fly on #TheBlindList with our Crane Fairy Lufthansa and you might also get your wishes fulfilled. Wish you Luck and lots of Love…








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