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An Evening In Frankfurt



We were staying at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and started for the Frankfurt city in the evening. At level Zero, going past the Car Rental Area, restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Thing Thai and Nordic Fish, we arrived at the machines where you can buy train tickets. They are the best way to buy the local and regional train ticket. You can also buy tickets online on the Deutsche Bahn Official Website. There are many kinds of tickets to select from. Please check the list of tickets before purchasing. For example, buying a group Day ticket(~16 EUR) is actually less costly than buying Day tickets for 2 people (~19 EUR). You can take help from the help desk, just beside the ticket machines.
After taking our tickets we went to the platform, which is a level further down, following the signs “Frankfurt Am Main”.

There are only 3 stops from station “Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbf” till “Frankfurt(Main)Hbf”. The name of the train station at the airport is ‘Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbf’, the ‘flughafen’ meaning airport in German. The main train station of Frankfurt city is Frankfurt(Main)Hbf or Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof meaning railway station in German. This is usually the last station for all trains. Trains going from Airport to Frankfurt HBf is S8 or S9. It takes around 20 minutes.


As soon as we stepped out of the railway station, we noticed the thick air, lots of people, cosmopolitan crowd and trams. One can totally get the city vibes. There are many ways to reach the river Main. We took the most famous street to get there. The street Kaiserstraße is a straight road connecting the station with Market square and river Main.


3 unique things about Kaiserstraße are

1. As you enter the street it’s actually like the world food street. You can find restaurants with cuisines from all corners of the world. From Indian to Australian, German to Korean to Lebanon cuisine. This international flare makes this city a wonderful place to eat and drink. We enjoyed delicious Indian cuisine at  eat Doori and Bombay Lounge

2. You can see the more modern downtown skyscrapers contrasted with the old world charm architecture.



3. Zeil Fussgängerzone is a pedestrian street and the most popular shopping area beginning at Hauptwache and stretching all the way to Konstablerwache, with the city’s main department stores (Kaufhof and Karstadt) as bookends.


Main Tower



The Main Tower, named after the River Main, is 56 storeys tall and gives you a breathtaking 360º view of the city. Entry to the tower costs €7.50 per person and there’s a fast lift to the level below the main platform. It is not crowded.

From the industrial modern tall buildings on one end to the traditional on the other, it’s the best way to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

If you time it with the sunset you can see the whole city beautifully lighten up as the sun goes down. Also, it is an awesome view to watch the planes approaching Frankfurt.

Romerberg (City Hall)


Romer is a reincarnation of the original architecture from the 1400 – the 1600s that was destroyed by the bombing in WWII. It has been rebuilt and restored.


We really enjoyed arriving at the square. It was not too crowded we easily walked there, spend a few minutes, clicked pictures and left. It’s a lively spot.


It has many souvenir shops, outdoor cafes and plenty of restaurants. It is wonderful to see the old architecture in the modern city.


Not as impressive as compare to the main square of other European countries but is a must see if you’re in town and definitely worth a visit.
It’s a 150-meter walk along the river. There’s also a hop on/off tour bus close to Romer. But we still think it is really easy to see on your own, firstly because it has a beautiful view to the pedestrian bridge and secondly it’s not that long that you need any transportation/ vehicle.


The love locks bridge – Eiserner Steg

It was a romantic sight indeed. It is also known as “Iron Bridge”. It’s a pretty historic bridge. It connects the historic old Sachsenhausen to the modern part of the city.


It is also a tradition for new lovers to have locks engraved with their names. I never stop wondering about the love stories behind those locks. We put the Lock too.

Love Locks

We arrived at the Main river at dusk. The evening made the grace and grandeur of the bridge more romantic. We witnessed street artists playing music on the bridge.


Street Artists

It is a very popular photo spot with an excellent view of Frankfurt’s skyline. Using this bridge you can walk down to and over the other bridge.


Pleasant strolling in good weather on both sides

Very picturesque river walk, parks along the front, nice bridges and not far from the centre.


It is truly gorgeous to take that relaxing walk by the Main river with your loved one, whilst the skyscrapers of Frankfurt are illuminating the surroundings.


On the other side of the river, you can see the boat restaurants.


Book a dinner or have some fine wine there and enjoy watching river cruise boats Bootshaus


or rowing team cross or just enjoy the skyline of this vibrant city while you’re there.


A picture with a big EURO sign

While taking the walk back to the main station we stopped by this modern high building with the giant Euro sign.


The big Euro sign in the front of the tower is the symbol of the single currency and integration of Europe, a nice place to take a picture. You do not need to spend more than 5 minutes there. You would not like to miss it when you are in Frankfurt as it’s the financial heart of Europe. This is also the site of remembrance and understanding history and importance of the EU.


And our beautiful evening came to an end

After this pleasant stroll and beautiful sightseeing, we went for a romantic candlelight dinner @eatdoori. They have a very nice open air space.





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