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My Journey (part-2): From A DOG-FEARING person To A Crazy DOG-MOM !!!

I let Timon sleep with us on his first night at our home.


I woke up to a foul smell. The first time I ignored it and went back to sleep but it was so pungent that couldn’t ignore it anymore. I got out of my bed and landed my foot directly in the dog-poop. I completely lost my mind and started crying out of irritation. Mr Husband woke up and came to the rescue again.

Sipping my morning coffee, I was thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into?

Cute labrador retriever puppy tearing paper while lying on windo
By the time I understood that such poop encounters are normal and it needed training. Problems kept arising one after another. Despite my best efforts he didn’t stop biting, chewing things and pooping all over. I really gave up! I realised I was not ready at all for all these responsibilities. I called up Mr Husband and said, “I was delaying planning for our own family and our own child because I knew I was not mentally prepared yet. And, look where I got stuck. Please send him back. I CAN’T.” He assured me that he would return it to the breeder or would look for someone to adopt him.

Guilt Trip

One day Mr Husband called me up from the office and confirmed that there was some breeder who was ready to adopt Timon. He asked me to click his few pictures to send it to that breeder and to keep his official papers ready by the evening. While I was clicking his pictures I saw how happy he was playing around the house. Pulling my jeans with his tiny teeth while I was cooking. I was sitting on my room’s floor while editing his pictures, he came and slept in my lap. I just burst into tears. I suddenly got so worried, “Will that new breeder will take proper care of him? will he sell him off or will keep him? what if he will need me? what if he will miss his daddy(Mr Husband) when he will go to sleep? My guilt went to a new level.

I won’t give away my ‘MURPHY’ to anybody…

Mr Husband was calling, again and again, to send him the pictures. I deliberately didn’t pick up his calls. The doorbell rang, I opened the door. Mr Husband had just begun asking about the reason for not picking up the call. I hugged him and started crying and said, how can we give him away, now I can’t imagine our life without him. He is so small we can’t give up on him like that. No, my baby will stay with me, my Murphy will not go anywhere.” He made me sit and gave me a glass of water. I kept holding Murphy in my arms and was not letting him go away even for a second. Mr Husband smiled and asked, Murphy? did you name him Murphy? ” I nodded my head. He asked me,”are you sure you wanna keep him?” I nodded my head in yes, again.

I became a DOG MOM. No, actually MURPHY made me a DOG MOM…

It’s his 2nd birthday. And, today I tell you that puppy-hood is a tough and a crazy ride but it doesn’t last forever. Soon my baby grew up and started expressing his love and emotions. One day I was alone and upset and he got so uneasy. He kept moving around me in circles restlessly and kept on putting his paws on my knees. I think because he could feel my pain and wanted to take care of me. He is always there whenever I feel low. Whenever I come back home his wagging tail and jumping welcome fill my heart and home with unconditional & pure love. Yes, cleaning fur all day is a task but seeing him play soothes my soul. When I do my make up he keeps staring in the mirror as if his momma is the most beautiful momma in the world. Seeing Mr Husband and Murphy playing in the garden makes me smile from ear to ear. When I fall sick he keeps sleeping with me healing me with his warmth. During celebrations, he is the one who is most excited( of course for the cake, but still).
He upgraded me and my husband’s level from a couple to a family. He made me fall in love with Mr Husband all over again. Seeing him as a father to Murphy made me felt so proud of him. I started respecting him even more.

Wish my baby a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Thank you, my little handsome boy, for choosing us as your parents. You taught me such important lessons about life. Your unconditional love nurtured my soul and made me believe in goodness. Your cuddles take away all our sadness. Your presence gives us strength, you have no idea baby that we had a terrible time last year, it was you who kept us smiling. You kept patience and kept loving us in the same manner throughout that low phase, even when we were unavailable. When you put your paws on my hand I feel so complete. Your innocent eyes keep my faith alive. You are so loving so giving that even if I scold you, you come back to me and love me again. You made me a better person, my son. I am so proud that you are part of me.

Momma and papa love you beyond measure.


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
― Milan Kundera

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