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My Journey From A DOG-FEARING person To A Crazy DOG-MOM !!!

Let me first tell you about my previous fear of dogs.


I had been terrified of dogs my whole life. When I was 12 years old, I was attacked by 2-3 stray dogs. They started barking and running behind me. I ran for my life and somehow escaped from there. But, fear of dogs was set in my mind forever. After that, my life was all about running away from the sight of a dog. So for me, dogs were the most dangerous animal, it was impossible for me to see them as some furry cute cuddly thing.

The moment when love for innocent eyes won over the fear of my past experience.

One day my husband’s friend Pranay & Anna invited us home. We had no clue they had any dog. I entered and got stunned the moment I saw ABBY, their dog. He came near me. and my brain got freeze. Then Mr Husband landed as a superhero and saved his damsel. He took ABBY in his arms like a baby and started cuddling him. I saw them bonding and playing in the garden. I still don’t know why but seeing them I too felt like playing with him. I was having my food, he came near me and my instant reaction was “No, Abby… No”. He looked at me with innocence and left from there without any complaint. Those eyes stole my heart and just melted my soul. I need not tell this that by the end of the evening I and ABBY made good friends with each other. Posting here some pictures from the day.


When we reached home, I asked Mr Husband I need a dog too.

Yeah! I know what you all must be thinking but trust me!! that’s the impact of those beautiful paw prints on your heart. Mr Husband too got excited. We thought it’s not that quick a process and would surely take some time till then we could think and re-think the decision. Hence, we didn’t take the project that seriously. But as they say, Life has its own way of changing its direction. We never know when it changes but it does everything beautifully.

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Just like that My baby happened to me. “Timon” came into our lives and I became a Dog-Owner.

I was lost I had no clue that it would happen that soon, I literally went blank…
Trust me !! Stumped, I did not know what to do or what to react. No, I didn’t feel like AWW!!! I was… maybe I was scared he was so small, fragile, soft and so weak. He looked at me and I knew he needed his mom to pick him up and cuddle but I kept standing there nonplussed thinking, “Am I ready for this responsibility? will I be able to do that ever?” Oh, man I could feel my heart palpitating in my chest, my throat was dry and I was lost…

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