Short Story

Brandon & Marry’s Love Corner Cafe.

This is a story about a beautiful and much in love couple

  • Brandon, 67 and Marry, 64.
  • 2 kids, married 45 years.
  • Atlanta.

They were a retired couple. Their Kids settled abroad. Occasionally they used to go to visit their kids. But, the most important thing in their life was Brandon&Marry’s Love corner Cafe, run and operated by them both. This was their dream project when they were young to have a cafe full of the pictures of their lifetime memories, which will speak of the strength and power of love. Which will make people believe in love forever. After retirement, they started it and it gradually became one of the most famous spots in the city.

It got harder to sleep. As they got older, insomnia with their age also got worse. But they were not worried, they decided to put a new board outside their cafe “Open 24 Hours”. They enjoyed every bit of this life, interacting with people, cooking together and serving people made them feel so fulfilled and content. Of course, the cafe was generating a good amount of revenue. There was this big box inside the counter where they used to keep the cash which always used to be full.


It was raining heavily that day. They were lying on their bed. Holding hands were talking about their day. Brandon was laughing at the fact that Marry still was afraid of thundering sounds. He held her hand closer to his heart and said, “You will never grow up, my little Marry.” Marry made an annoyed face towards him, turned on the other side and smiled shyly. From her window she saw a dark and heavy storm suddenly taking over the neighbourhood, gradually dropping 6 feet of water so quickly that the storm drains couldn’t handle it. They got up from the bed. The water flooded the street. They knew the cafe in the basement must be flooded too, ruining many things. Suddenly Brandon and marry spoke up simultaneously.
Brandon – “oh no!! the cash box.”
Marry – “I don’t wanna lose my picture frames.”
Brandon couldn’t hear Marry and ran off in haste. Marry standing alone upstairs was so lost.

As he rummaged through the stuff, Brandon was filled with memories. Thinking about the moments behind those photo clicks. He couldn’t have handled pictures and box together. The water level was rising, it was getting tougher for him to breathe even. He dropped the cash box and hurriedly removed and collected their pictures from the wall and reached upstairs. He was badly exhausted and fell down on the floor screaming, “Marry hold the pictures.” Marry reached to him and helped him. She hugged Brandon and cried aloud with all her heart, “Brandon you saved our memories. This was all I had. But, because of my emotional foolishness, we lost all our cash today. I am so sorry. I am feeling so guilty, so stupid. You took so much of pain for just these pictures.”

Brandon in gasping sound said to Marry, “no, my sweetheart. No. It was my call. These memories are all I count as my blessing. Amidst all pain and hustle, it’s your smile that gives me strength and hope. Seeing you smiling pictures on the wall I knew what I treasure most in my life. Don’t worry about the cash and the infrastructure at all. If my queen is with me I can build a whole empire again any day. Never think you are an emotional fool for your emotions are the soul of our bond. And, dear till we are together, in love with each other trust me no loss is a loss. We lost nothing. Now smile and hug me.”


Marry hugged Brandon and said, ” You are my Hero, you never changed Brandon. You always turned the darkest nights into the brightest memories of our life. Always stood up in the toughest time like a Knight. Always held us together when our world was falling apart. Always lifted my soul up whenever I lost hope. Always this relationship and our bond had been your priority. When we were young we faced so many hardships, you fought and faced them all but today what you did is engraved on my soul forever.

Brandon said to Marry,Β “Why you always think I am a Hero. I never did anything that special. Had I been a Hero I would have saved everything today but I could not.”

Marry kissed him and said, “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

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