Short Story


Standing lost and trounced by herself, in the hospital premises. Savita ji was hoping against hope that everything would be alright. But, the future refused to change and destiny took its evil turn. Doctors came out of the operation theatre and apologised for not able to save both. They couldn’t save the mother but the child was doing fine. She hugged her husband and cried out saying, “Have you ever had a thought that we would pay such a heavy price for our bad choices and wrong decisions? Can you bring my Lado (dear daughter) back? We are her culprit. How her soul will ever rest into peace? The little new-born girl she left behind will also curse us forever. What we will do now?

Not a single tear was dropping, his eyes were as dry as a bone. Right from the time his daughter Myra was born to this last day of hers, memories of the past started haunting him. He never wanted a girl child and unfortunately, they never had another child after her. For this also he blamed Myra that she brought this bad luck with her. He always kept her in restriction and never let her live her dreams. She always used to share with her mother that she wanted to do something big in her life and wanted to live as a strong independent woman. Savita ji tried talking to him sometimes but he always used to get furious and used to shut them up both. He married her off just after her graduation without her consent. She complained a few times about their bad and abusive behaviour towards her but he always asked Savita ji to tell her to adjust and not to crib. But, one call from her daughter that day shattered his world, “Baba (dad), they will kill me, they got to know from somewhere that the child I am pregnant with, is a girl and I have heard them planning to push me down the stairs. Come soon baba or you will lose me”. He left on spot to save his daughter, his heart was palpitating, throat was choked. He saw her daughter lying on the floor and bleeding. He had no time to fight or blame others he rushed her to the hospital.
He was brought back to the present when he saw Savita ji having their granddaughter in her arms.  He took her, put her in his arms and then near to his heart. And, the tear rolled down he promised her, “I will give you the life that your mother always dreamt of. You will become a strong and independent happy woman. I will do everything in my capacity to make your dreams come true.”

The Phone bell rang, he rushed to pick up the call, ” nanu-baba ( dear grandfather) Your Pilot-Pari (Lady pilot) has won the first prize in horse riding in the training. I am coming home in 7 days and nanu-baba I will come home as an Indian Air Force Pilot. Finally, I got my wings, now it’s your turn to fulfil your promise of gifting me my Chetak, my own horse like Rani Lakshmi Bai (One of the greatest woman from Indian History) had. Love you.”
His Pilot-Pari was back home and she got her horse as promised. That evening they went out on her mom’s favourite beach nearest to the city. Sun was setting, but in its red-orange hues, he saw his little girl rising as a strong & determined woman.

Don’t know it was a mirage or a final happy goodbye from Myra but for a moment he actually saw that it was Myra riding the horse, waving her hands and laughing out loud saying, “I did it, baba( dad)… I did it … love you.”



This post is a part of Write Tribe Festival of June 2018. This is my post to celebrate Write Tribe‘s annual Festival Of Words that encourage one and all to #WriteBravely. I have used the Photo prompt for day 6.



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