If I Ask You To Leave, Will You Still Stay With Me !!!


Leaving me with my bleeding wound there

shocked, appalled you were standing still not knowing how to care.
You tried putting broken pieces together
Numbed and lost, I was tormented by aching wound beneath the layer.
Don’t come near I am really very scared
Everybody who tried to help me has always left in deep despair.
You can’t fix what’s already broken
Stay back, you may cut yourself, don’t try to be my saviour
I will show you the way to the door
don’t look back, keep walking or you may be left with my darkness forever
It will break my heart to see you leave
but to want you to stay back here will be so selfish and unfair
If you leave and come back someday
Don’t try looking for me here, you may never find me again, ever.



He turned and pulled her closer

I am not going to leave and will always be there
listen, come what may
Till I am alive you are not alone, we are in this together
have faith in our love
just breathe in its strength and forget all the fear.

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