Short Story

The Trunk Tale: An Unfortunate Lucky Day!!!


It was a Sunday afternoon I was going out for my grocery shopping but got a flat tire. I called up the car rentals. On my way, I heard the thumping sound from the back of the car. I thought that what a bad luck of mine to get a flat tire again. I got out to check, but to my surprise the tires were fine. I came back to the driver’s seat and heard the thumping again. I went to check it again and noticed that the thumping is coming from the trunk. Affrightedly I opened it and I was appalled to see a man in a suit in there. He was bleeding profusely. I got numbed and still. Totally confused about what to do. Then suddenly humanity in me kicked in. He was about to get faint. I pulled him out of the trunk and made him lie on the back seat. I couldn’t hear him properly. All I could understand was ‘Hospital’.

I rushed to the nearest hospital. They took him into the emergency room. I was waiting outside and seeing nurses and doctors rushing in and out. I was just praying for him and then suddenly a nurse came to me and enquired if I was the lady who brought the patient in? I said yes, how is he? Before I could finish my sentence, she looked over my shoulder and said, “yes! she is the one”.


I was so confused and on top of that my sixth sense was telling me that something bad was about to happen. I turned and saw a Police Inspector walking hurriedly towards him while taking over the phone. I was really afraid. After a while, he came to me and enquired about my name and my relationship with the patient. I told him the whole story. The inspector then asked me to sit down. He sat next to me and started talking in a much polite tone now. He said, “Ma’am we have enquired and confirmed everything about your background. You seem to be a responsible and an innocent citizen. We trust your words. But do you know the person you just brought to Hospital is the known assassin and shooter “Bin Laden”? He is wanted in 18 cases of murders and many other serious crimes. We were searching for him for 8 years now.”

Oh, this was a nightmare! I didn’t know if someone was playing a prank or I was watching some movie. I was terrified as hell and just wanted to run away from there. They still kept me sitting there. Suddenly I remembered what he was saying when I found him in the trunk. I think he was saying NO Hospital. A bit later after answering all the questions, two thoughts were stuck in my mind. First, that why he chose my car for all this crime drama and how could he get in? Curious, I secretly snugged into his room but to my surprise, he was not on his bed. I searched across the room but couldn’t find him, I turned back to leave. I screamed for help as he put the knife on my throat and held me as his hostage. This shooter was yelling at police and security to stay back. Police were hand tied. With a lot of commotion, he kidnapped me and took me back in my rental car with him. I was driving with his knife still on my throat. We were on a highway.


He took me to an empty house on the outskirts of the town which belonged to him. He tied me brutally to a chair and slapped me when I tried to lose the tie. He left the room, but I could hear him talking on the phone to different people and asking them to save him from the upcoming danger. After a few hours, I asked him for some water. He came to me and untied me from all my bondages. While handing me a glass of water in my one hand, he slipped a gun into my other hand. I could see a fear in his eyes. Suddenly the doorbell rang. He looked at me and said, now you have only one option kill before someone kills you. He told me,”I can do anything this time to fight for my life and you should also do the same.”

He went ahead to open the door and ran outside. I could hear the gun firings. I had so many things going in my mind and so many emotions filling my aching heart. I saw at least 15 men standing in front of the house. I knew that they are here to kill the shooter and I wouldn’t be spared too. I ran outside behind the shooter, closed my eyes and they all started laughing at the shooter that he had a girl as his partner. I got panicked and just started shooting blindly and didn’t stop till I ran out of bullets. I opened my eyes to see if am I alive or not. No, it was not paining anywhere but I thought its the numbness before death. I opened my eyes to see nobody was there. I checked myself for wounds but there were none. Though I was not able to stand any more I survived all that. with weakened knees and soul, I fell down on the floor.

The shooter came to me smiling viciously. He said, “what you did today was unbelievable.” But still, he said he would need his hostage. I got so furious and stood up pointing a gun at him. I knew he will either take me with him or kill me.
I smirked and told him, ” I will take my chances with life. I am feeling very lucky today.”
I squeezed my trigger and so did he.





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