Short Story

That Day A Father Was Born


They were brothers but were absolute opposites of each other. Abhishek, the elder one had always been an all-rounder in academics and sports. He had this perfect life. In fact a balanced personal and professional life. He was just promoted as Vice President of a renowned MNC and his wife was about to deliver their first baby. Mayank the younger one was a guitarist always labelled as non-serious & the irresponsible one. He was never as good as his brother. He had been married and divorced. Hence, neither he had any real job nor did he have a family. He also stopped putting efforts to be a part of this family.

Abhishek and his wife brought their first born home. Everybody was so happy, Mayank took the baby in his arms, he was so scared and nervous to hold the small baby first time. He quickly asked his mother to hold the baby back in her arms. Everybody laughed, his brother smirked and said,”you are such a failure, can’t even hold a baby for two minutes. But, yeah! How would you even know all this?  You have no experience of having a family in the first place!”

Abhishek and his wife were going out for some official party. It was the first time they went out leaving their baby home and an unfortunate incident happened. They met with an accident. Mayank received a call from the hospital that Abhishek and his wife could not make it. It was the longest day of his life. Their mother hugged Mayank and said,” this poor little baby lost his family even before he could know what family is. He is left all alone in this world.”  That one word didn’t stop echoing in Mayank’s mind ‘ALL ALONE’ and kept hitting him hard.

He was tossing side on his bed and couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, he heard the baby crying. He got up and ran to the baby’s room. He couldn’t see his mother anywhere around. He didn’t wait, he went straight up to the baby and held him close to his heart. He started rubbing his back and gave him his feeding bottle. Baby stopped crying. He slowly lied down on the bed sticking him up on his chest and they both slept.

His mother was seeing all this hiding behind the door in the other room. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Amidst all these pain and tears a smile of relief came to her face, for now, she knew her kids are not ALONE. For Mayank, she felt so proud that this one boy who was labelled as good for nothing stood tall and strong when his family needed him the most. And the most important thing she could see a father was born today. Nobody becomes a parent by bringing a child into the world but it’s the child that makes a person a parent.


This post is a part of Write Tribe Festival of June 2018. This is my post to celebrate Write Tribe‘s annual Festival Of Words that encourage one and all to #WriteBravely. I have used the first Creative photo prompt.



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