Short Story

The Window To Her Life


As every evening, sitting by her window, she was watching the sun going behind the city’s tall buildings. The day was turning into night, everything around her was filling up with the soothing darkness, which was her escape. In the dark, She used to gather her strength to heal the wounds of her heart. It was getting late and she had so many things to do. She got up, switched on the lights and the sight of wounds on her body broke down her spirit, once again.

She was standing in the kitchen numbed and lost. She didn’t hear the doorbell and missed opening the door at that first ring. She ran for her life to open the door and banged her knee against the table. The doorbell rang again. He entered and hit her with the bag. She fell down on the floor. He moved inside the room and ordered her to bring the food to the table. He had his food and left. She as always had her dinner sitting by her window, looking at the twinkling stars.

After completing all the household chores, she went to her room. She sat on the bed to apply ointment to her knee. He entered the room with a smile, offered to help her with the ointment and apologised for his behaviour. He held her in her arms and his fingers were jabbing into her flesh. It was paining like hell but the fear of saying No to that beast diminished her strength. Lying there like a cadaver, tears rolled down her cheeks. She went through this soul-wrenching affair every night with her eyes set on the stars twinkling brightly from her window.

She heard some kids doing karate practice with their lady trainer. She ran towards her window and she started practising with them. In a month she also got trained with them. She practised from sunrise to sunset unflagging.

It was an especial evening, she was dressed up in her old favourite jeans, tied up her hair and put on her red lipstick. She had a spark in her eyes and the fire in her heart. She was sitting on the chair and the doorbell rang. She started counting on her fingers 1… 2…  and on the count of 3, she opened the door. He tried to hit her but this time she defended herself successfully and knocked him down with one blow.

She left that house. She turned back and one last time she looked back to her window. Her heart was sinking in pain, remembering the struggle of the woman who was inside but suddenly she saw her reflection on her window glass and was proud of the woman who is now standing outside.




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