How To Handle Stress Of Continually ‘Proving & Improving’ Yourself In Today’s Competitive World???

I come across this inspirational thought a lot that how important it is to move outside of your comfort zone to grow and improve yourself. I totally concur with the idea but I have something to add on to this and that is, also keep doing things that you love, things you are comfortable doing and that makes you truly happy. Because it’s your soul calling! when you do what you love, you move inside towards your soul.

Moving out of your comfort zone means to continually challenge yourself to improve
Going beyond fears and the limits which you have set for yourself. At first, you will be scared but you still put your faith and energy to move ahead and try. Not necessarily every attempt will be successful. You will eventually fail but it’s all about learning and getting back to it again. That’s how you expand your comfort zone, develop yourself and grow.

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Don’t exert!! It’s important to take timely breaks and relax, to enrich your inner self
It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to try expanding your limits. In today’s competitive world, it can be depressive and exhausting to keep trying to improve and prove yourself. Hence, it’s important to do things that connect you more with yourself. Doing things you love and developing your passions bring joy and satisfaction. These experiences enrich your lives. Increases confidence and self-esteem. Don’t just get lost in this struggle; do something for your inner-self too.

Why this balance is important? To Really live life !!!
These leisurely pursuits and interests challenge you in a healthy way. Without them, life would become dry, full of pressing demands and just a synonym of struggle. The most important role they play is to charge us again to face the world, bang on!!!

So, here is your task for this week …
Make two priority lists for a healthy & balanced life. In weekdays add one item to each list daily, before you sleep. And, spend this weekend crossing off items on the lists.

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