My First Liebster Award …


Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great time? So am being nominated for LIEBSTER AWARD award and I can’t help but to thank the beautiful soul KRANTIfor nominating me. I am truly grateful, thank you. Also, I am very sorry for being so late, my dear.
For a new blogger who is still learning the rules, it means a lot that you find me worthy.

Please, guys, go check out her blog Its one of those blogs which have the unique property of being simple yet so impactful. I am not just a follower but her fan too.


This version of the Liebster Award comes with six rules. They are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who deserve the award.
  5. Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. Let them know they’ve been nominated. 

    11 facts about me …
    1. I love clicking moments and treasuring moments forever as photographs. I think I click at least one moment of my life daily.
    2. I love ‘makeup’ but feel equally confident and presentable even without make-up. I believe Beauty is skin deep but little red lipstick doesn’t hurt anyone.
    3. I had been writing during my college days and won many creative-writing competitions too but stopped writing after college (don’t know why). I feel so good now connecting with the world of words, emotions and knowledge back again.
    4. I love dancing in the rain. I never miss a chance to do that.
    5 I have a double post graduate degree in Hindi literature as well as in MBA-HR.
    6. I am totally a Chatty Cathy, I love to talk.
    7. I am a kind of emotional roller coaster and learning every day to balance and use it as my strength.
    8. I love my husband, my family, my dog (my kid have paws) and my friends. They make my world perfect.
    9. I am a social media enthusiast.
    10. I love designing dresses for myself specially Indian traditional.
    11. My mom is my Hero.Answers to your questions:
    1. One dream you are chasing to fulfil?
    A: I can provide some good reasons & hope for people to keep believing in LOVE, however difficult it may seem.
    2. Beach or mountain?
    A: Beaches
    3. What is the inspiration behind your blogging?
    A: I think we learn and receive so much inspiration and strength from this world and writing is something that provides you with a platform to heal and inspire others and give something beautiful back to the world.
    4. What is your biggest fear?
    A: worst of my nightmares, my most painful thoughts and my biggest fear are all about the one thing, I don’t wanna lose any person or any relationships I love, in my life.
    5. One thing you admire in your self?
    A: I can feel people when they talk. I can feel their smiles and their tears.
    6. one thing you can wish you can change in your behaviour?
    A: Oh yes definitely. I am bad with accepting inevitable situations. I panic and get anxious. I definitely want to improve in this area.
    7. night sky or ocean waves?
    A. Night sky for stars have so many stories to tell.
    8. Which Kind of movie would you prefer to watch horror, romantic or action?
    A: Totally depends on my mood. I love all these 3 genres.
    9. Anything that makes you happy when you are said!
    A: Picture memories I think of all good and beautiful things I am blessed with and it really works, every time.
    10. your favourite colour and month?
    A: November. Rainbow is my favourite colour.
    11. street food or fine dining?
    A: Street food.

    My Nominations: 
    1. Jyoti Meena
    2. Aditi Tyagi
    3. Mira65
    4. Mysticity
    5. Cmapillay
    6. Ekta
    7. Shweta
    8. Savitha
    9. Himanshi
    10. Peanut Gallery
    11. Liavi

    My Questions:
    1. When you count your life’s blessings, what you count twice?
    2. What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?
    3. What’s your biggest strength and weakness?
    4. What does blogging mean to you?
    5. your favourite love story?
    6. Mention one Most Romantic Thing according to you
    7. The quality you seek most in your potential life partner (if single) or what you admire most in your life partner  ( if committed)?
    8. Who is your Hero?
    9. Purpose of life according to you.
    10. If you get a chance to reborn again, what would you want to be?
    11. What’s that one thing you do to practice Self-Love?




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