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Do You Believe In ‘Fairytales’?

I have always been a hopeless romantic, who undoubtedly believes in ‘Fairytale romances’. You can now easily guess that how many times people must have tried to convince me otherwise that my obsession and my search for the fairytale ending can make a mess in my life. According to them, Fairytales don’t show the truth of Love & Relationships but create an illusion of perfection. They don’t teach you or prepare you for the difficult parts of relationships and they are guilty of representing love as fun, easy and perfect all the time. They hold you back from finding real love and because of them, people keep walking out of good relationships the moment things get tough.

But, there was one hope that fed my determination that we create our own destiny, we write our own life-story. I Knew one thing that still I am unable to give up on the idea that in my life, love will not be just like any other ordinary thing. I won’t lie to you, somewhere I was really scared that what if I failed and all those people were proved right? Not because I didn’t want to lose the bet but I didn’t want to live without a love story. I realised that I wouldn’t regret failing, but what I might regret is not trying. I promised myself that when I will fall in love, I will rise. I will do anything & everything to create and protect my own bliss, my own fairytale love story.

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I met Mr Husband, we fell in love. The best part of his love was it was an Extraordinary Love, like what I’ve imagined… I started believing in the fact that matches are made in heaven. For both of us, our love, our life was the topmost priority. And there my Love Story began.

Now, when we fall in love everything seems perfect. With me also it was the same but let me tell you it’s not as easy as it seems at first. We fought with each other, challenged each other, misunderstood each other. At times it became very hard to handle. Then Mr Husband & I realised that as love grows it gets mature and strong enough to let some imperfections be seen and accepted. No two people are perfect together all the time. We realised that rather than just expecting it from the other partner, one should look for what they can do to improve the situation. He assured me,” If it’s required, we will work at this every day because ‘us’ is the most precious thing of our lives and I just can’t let it go for any stupid reason.” I hugged him and vowed the same.

Tell me one thing, is there any fairytale that you’ve heard of which only consists of smiles, flowers, fireworks and prince & princess kissing each other? Not at all, right! fairytale represents real love where there are struggles and tears but in the end, Love wins them all. Did you also notice that romance in fairytale comes after winning struggles, being positive despite all negatives and both the prince & princess making conscious and constant effort to be together to achieve their Happily ever after?

I agree though that fairy tales do not exist exactly as shown in the movies or in books. But you may have your kind of happy relationship, your own version of a fairy tale. Not comparing real life with any fiction is very necessary so that we don’t ruin the beauty of all that we truly have. Keep believing in yourself & in your love and just see how it will make you do many marvelling things which you never even imagine to do. It’s like been given another life. Love supports you, heals you and makes you feel alive.

Listen, Don’t give up. If you are anything like me, obsessed and passionate about love and fairytale romance, don’t let anyone tell you that It’s all crap and you will have to settle for less than what you deserve. Have the courage to hold on to your beliefs and craft your life.
And I think you definitely deserve your beautiful ‘FAIRYTALE’.

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