Don’t Lose Yourself Trying To Impress Others …

We often complain about people judging us, right! But did you ever notice whether they judge us or not we still try hard to impress people around us?

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Do you feel the urge to be right and best to everybody? If yes, then it’s totally unhealthy for you and the persons involved. The tendency of convincing and impressing others often leads to lies, excuses, over explanations and then you’re not yourself anymore. Well, that’s so unimpressive and you also lose your integrity in the eyes of others.
being-true-to-yourself-is-better-than-being-a-liar-just-to-impress-everyone-being-yourself-quote (1)Whom are you trying to impress? You have to be ok with the fact that not everyone will like you and you also won’t like everyone. Stop stressing yourself out. Definitely, there will be someone who doesn’t like you or is disappointed with you no matter what you do or not. But look around, there are also many people who admire you for being you. Never forget, if they don’t love you for who you are, then they will never truly love you. Allow them to think what they want. Also, trying manipulating others’ perception of us is unethical as well as exhausting. Trust me, it’s quite impossible too.
What you can do to break this habit? Discover your own strengths and weakness and be proud of who you are rather than wasting efforts on impressing others. Accept the fact we can’t control people’s opinion. Come out of your approval-seeking habit and start talking about what you need. Learn to deal with criticism and judgement in a healthy way. I am not asking you to hurt others and become insensitive but try to master the art of ‘I Don’t Care’. Be honest and always share the truth, which makes it easier for others too, to be more open and comfortable around you. This will definitely build the base for healthier and stronger relationships.

id-rather-be-honest-CustomI know it’s painful to face dislike and rejection, but don’t dwell on them. Understand this, everybody has their own agendas and preferences. So if you don’t have anything in common or you don’t have anything to offer them as per their likeability, that’s okay. Don’t blame yourself for that nor try to cover it up. Relax, hear their opinions and say what you feel. Be respectful, honest and kind but don’t try to be too nice !!!
Go out, be unapologetically yourself and don’t try to lie or change yourself just to please someone else.



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