Vows Are Forever …

fedb9ba7d1862876c3ac1c0efb6eec95It was our first fight after marriage.
Yes he tried everything to set things right but I was upset and dint want to talk that's all I knew.
I plugged earphones into my phone and slept while listening to the music.
I woke up to the sun rays knocking on my eyelids. I couldn't see and hear anybody in the house.It was sad and silent that meant Mr Husband had already left for office. I felt so alone and broken inside that it was the first morning today when I dint wake up to the coffee made my Mr. Husband.
Splashing my face with water I was struggling with waking up. I got lost in zillion thoughts and my anxiety turned into anger.
How insensitive of him to left me like that and how could he gave up so easily on me!! 
Why he didn't try enough to convince me or to resolve the issue!!!
I dragged myself to the kitchen to make my coffee. A tear rolled down my cheek.
On the kitchen countertop I saw there was a red beautiful card and a covered cup of coffee. I read and hugged the card and suddenly heaviness of my heart, agony of my mind and tears of my eyes were healed.

Marriages begin with vows but true love is built on certain unspoken vows too ...


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