My Takeaways from The Royal Wedding …

The palace has released the stunning official pictures from the royal wedding of  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the ceremony was breathtaking. I didn’t have any such great interest in the royal wedding but you all will agree that this one was remarkably different from any of those that have happened in the past.

Because we’re still not over ‘The royal Wedding’, today I am sharing with you all my takeaways from the event.

1. Past Never Defines Future.

landscape-1511899211-prince-harry-meghanDear society, please watch carefully and remember the big message this royal wedding provided Don’t judge Any Woman by her past and the choices she makes, Meghan was older than Harry and divorced still the Prince fell for her and saw his future with her. To all the guys out there, if you will keep judging and evaluating your girl, you might regret losing a good woman.

2. Strong Mothers Raise Strong Daughters.

doriaragland1-1526732348Pictures of Doria Ragland sitting alone were representing strength and grace. Fighting back her tears she seemed calm, composed and so dignified. After all, she was assigned a spot near the Queen. Ah ! my favourite sight of the royal wedding. Meghan Markle is indeed an icon, an inspiration for today’s women but all I could think was that she is what she is today because a strong woman like Doria raised her this way.

3. Because a stylish look deserves to be seen more than just once.

elle-kate-middelton-royal-wedding-white-dress-1526939201Maybe a fashion faux pass for some as Kate Middleton repeated her Alexander McQueen dress to this royal wedding. We’re all under the impression that celebrities are rich and super conscious that they never repeat their clothes and consider same for ourselves, isn’t it? However, there are a few celebrities who have repeated their clothes and nailed it each time. Royalty is in the conduct not just in the dresses you wear.

4. Without a Maid of Honour

royal-wedding-2018-wedding-dress-rear-960049790-1526767613Meghan didn’t have a maid of honour but she surely had her gang stood by her side all the time because she was unable to choose between her friends. Meghan has instead opted for a number of bridesmaids. Wow !! how genuine and how thoughtful. Your gang is important. After all, you can’t choose just one. These are the real #squadgoals to have.

5. Those looks of love

Meghan-Markle-Royal-Wedding-Pictures (4)
Prince Harry bit his lip and couldn’t hold back his tears the moment he saw his wife walking down the aisle. He said to her,“you look amazing”. Come on, Don’t we all want to be looked at like this! From the moment they said their vows to their first kiss on the church steps Prince Harry looked overcome with emotions.

6. There were TWO kisses

7f4dd96252e0e0553f854338315aa300It was during the carriage ride around Windsor town, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex  Harry and Meghan snuck a second kiss in the carriage! It was a fairy tale after all. That was a genuine moment of declaration of love, No doubt.

7. Princess Diana wasn’t forgotten at the royal wedding.

diana_william_harryHarry and Meghan made sure to include Princess Diana at the couple’s wedding. Meghan’s wedding bouquet featured flowers from their private garden at their home in Kensington Palace that he picked himself. It also included Diana’s favourite flowers Forget-Me-Nots. The hymn “Guide Me, O Thy Great Redeemer,” sung at the wedding, was also sung during Diana’s funeral. One very special thing, It was a rumour circulated as it has not been confirmed that there was a chair left open for Princess Diana at the royal wedding, placed directly next to William. Of course, there is no confirmation but if it’s true, it was indeed so beautiful and heart-touching.

8. A Beautiful change of tradition 

screen-shot-2018-05-19-at-7-11-26-am-1526729274Meghan Markle was escorted down the aisle by her future father-in-law, Prince Charles. She entered the Chapel alone and walked about half the aisle by herself. In fact, no one ‘gave her away‘, Charles stepped back and Meghan approached Prince Harry alone. The best was Prince Harry’s reaction he was almost in tears seeing Meghan walking down the aisle and he also thanked his father and said, “thank you pa”. The whole scene was so appealing to me as I could see two things there, firstly as it’s such a grand and warm welcoming gesture by the royal family to support their union and secondly got to see another side of Charles welcoming Meghan as her own daughter.

9. Last but not the least, The bride herself.

Thoroughly modern bride showed off her freckles and her smile was outshining her diamond tiara. She made history as the first royal bride who didn’t have an escort. Showing off her freckles, the simplicity of her bridal gown and the hidden meaning behind her veil embodied with 53 nations of commonwealth bloc was very well thought of. Breaking royal protocol, she also gave her speech thanking her in-laws and her mother and expressing her love for Prince Harry she said,”I have found my prince.” Oh! trust me, I can endlessly talk about her.

Amidst all the celebration, beautiful pictures, millions of articles, noise and triumph about the royal wedding, you know what I cherished the most?
Seeing a Girl living her own Fairytale. Fairytale, where the Prince married his beloved princess. Princess, who is valued for who she is. That beautiful Girl is Meghan Markle who established the fact that ‘anyone can be a princess’.



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