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It’s The Little Things You Do In Love That Matter The Most In The Relationship…

Love is easy what’s actually tough is Loving. Believe me youshe is not that hard to love. All that matters is how much efforts you put in to make her feel loved and appreciated. Efforts you put doesn’t need grand strategies, I believe just like other important things in your life you need to take some time out for the woman in your life. Doing little things out of love, being aware of her need and feelings, does all the trick. 

1. Looking for Date Night Ideas?

You don’t need to take her out on lavish grand date nights but try having those evening walks or after-dinner walks regularly with her where you ask her about her day and tell about yours. Hand in hand and heart to heart is the recipe for the magic.

2. Everyday is  Special, Isn’t it!

You don’t need to buy those expensive gifts and jewellery all the time but bring her a rose on one of those regular days. Make her feel special on just ordinary days too.

3. Hello love! How You Doing ???

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You both might be busy and occupied to keep calling each other like those good old college days. That’s ok. Just call her once for 2 minutes and tell her “I can’t wait to see you again, I really miss you.”

4. When LOVE met Friendship  

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You need not be the Best Husband or Best Boyfriend under the sun. I know that’s one herculean task! Just try to be her best friend and everything will follow.

5. Ever wished upon a Shooting star !!

Moon looks best in the Sky as it is. You don’t have to bring it down for her. If you missed planning for a special night, Try this. Spend a night under the starry violet sky and cuddle in each other’s arms, I think that’s all she wants.

6. Letters to your Juliet.

It’s ok If PDA’s are not your thing and you can’t write those romantic statuses on social media but you can still write letters to her. Love letter charm is still a thing.

7. Those long drives, Vroom Vroom !!

Not everytime we have time or money for those exotic vacations, it happens. Plan a romantic long drive with her just like in the journey of life you both feel fortunate to sit beside each other. As they say, live a life you don’t need a vacation from.

8. Survive the storm while dancing in the rain 🙂

No doubt, you are her shield against the craziest storms and you have to be at your best to fulfil all responsibilities and duties. I encourage you to support her like this forever but do you still find her sad at times? Drop your guards, be easy on yourself and enjoy those little moments with her. Get out of your living room, pull her out too and dance in the rain.

9. Weekend getaways are important but you want to stay home :O

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Weird it sounds but ya! sometimes we are left with no energy for weekend getaways, all we want to do is stay back home and relax. And also there are some pending household tasks that can only be done on weekends and hence no time for getaways. You can still make your weekends special do stuff together, dancing and singing together, you can do relaxed movie marathons. Stay together and enjoy in each other’s company.

10. Luxurious Candle Light dinners !!!

tenor (1)
Try cooking for her. I agree not all men are good with this but least you can do is turn off your screens, get up from that couch and help her with cooking or someday give her a day off from cooking. Order the food. Dim the light, light up the candles and put the music on. You don’t need those fancy restaurants for romantic dinners. Trust me …

(Note: You could be a woman, wanting to romance your partner. The same great ideas will work!)

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. … Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

― Guitar Chord Songbook – Bob Marley



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