Through those darkest moments of night
placid, sealed and quiet.
I turn towards you with my eyes still closed
just to hug you tight
Safe in your arms, Invincible I become
when you’re you by my side.
Blessed is my every morning that starts with your kiss
in our room filled with aureate light.
Spend my quiet afternoons waiting for you to come back home
then your smothering hug sets all right.
Under enchanting rays of the setting sun we walk hand in hand,
these romantic evenings fill me with delight.
Sky turns red to blue, stars appear and welcome the moon in the sky
I lay on your chest, we cuddle up and you hold me tight.
Splendidly my days turn into nights and today becomes yesterday
but every day with you is the new best day of my life.
Every morning I wake up and see your smile, same thought crosses my mind
cause I got you, I must’ve done something right.
you came, did the magic, touched my heart and cleansed my soul
you made even my dark shined so bright.