Mother’s Healing Hugs …

Amie stepped out of the taxi and ran through the whole courtyard like a young little girl with a backpack on, to her dad and hugged him tight with all the energy she had. Her mother sniggered,”Ahem! ahem! I think someone is forgetting that she is  here to meet mamma to celebrate mother’s day.” They all burst into laughter and her dad opened his arms further and they both pulled momma closer for the big family hug.

In the evening Amie was sitting on the swing in the garden and with each swing she could see her mom and dad through the kitchen window. They were smiling and enjoying while making coffee. She was so delighted to see them but suddenly some memories flashed through her brain and left a frown on her face.

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She was 8 years old, back then. She woke up to the sounds of breaking crockery and her mom screaming. She got up, hid behind the door and saw her mom holding a knife. Her mother was giving warnings to her father that it was the end of all the miseries and pain. Her father was furious too but was scared to react. Before Amie could realise anything, she felt an abrupt strong pull. It was her mother pulling her closer with one hand and holding the knife in the other. In the next moment, they locked themselves out of the house and ran away. All She remembered was her father banging the door and asking her mom to come back, but her mother ignored that and left him there.

Amie and her mother started living in a small rented room. Amie was upset and felt so lost. She missed her old big house, her room and her friends. After her mother left her father she was bullied and mocked at by her schoolmates. But, the most painful was missing her father and their normal family life. She blamed her mother for all the loss she had suffered and hated her for leaving her father behind. Even if at any moment she saw her mother sad and lonely, she used to feel that her mother deserved all that sadness because she caused so much pain to her and her father.


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Many years passed in that distress, then began the most difficult chapter of their lives. Amie noticed this new man’s presence in their house. His name was David. He tried to be friends with her and used to help her mother with paperwork and other household stuff. But Amie clearly hated him for everything he used to do. She used to get flown into the rage every time she saw them smiling or laughing. One morning Amie woke up in anger, she had a nightmare that her mother married David. She started throwing stuff and shouting. Her mother came, hugged her and calmed her down. She kissed her all over and promised,” David will no more be part of our lives and you will never see him again. you are my world and no one matters more than you, my princess.” Holding her pain behind her smile she wiped out Amie’s tears.

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David was never seen again, but that nightmare didn’t stop haunting Amie. One day she decided she would bring her father back into their lives. She got the address of their old home from her mother’s diary and reached there. Her chest got filled with her childhood memories and eyes got flooded with tears. Aunt Jane who used to be her mother’s friend, recognised her. She was so happy to see Amie and asked about her mother and their life together. Amidst that Jane enquired Amie,” I hope your father didn’t disturb you after that cruel episode.” Amie got bit confused and reacted strongly to her question that how could she speak such a thing for her father as it was her mother who spoiled everything and left her father crying.

Jane got that in a moment that Amie had no clue what her mother went through. She thought for a moment but finally decided to tell her the truth. She held her hand and said,“Your father was not a good man, Amie. Anybody in this locality can tell you how physically and emotionally he abused your mother. Living with him was an everyday struggle for her but she did it all for you, my dear. For your good future, she hoped against hope. But, one day your father picked up the knife to kill you while you were asleep. That day her patience hit the threshold. She gathered all the courage and managed to take you away from here.”

Amie went into denial. She didn’t want to believe anything that Jane said. She ran away from there to see her father. She saw him locking the door and going towards parking with some woman and a kid. Amie reached there and held his hand. Her throat was choked, she couldn’t utter a word and just kept on crying. That kid asked her father,”who is she, daddy?”Amie’s whole world collapsed but that was not it. The question was not as heart wrenching as the answer given by her father was. He bluntly refused to recognise her and went away with his family, leaving her all alone there.

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Amie who was filled with so much of anger and pain a few moments ago suddenly went numb. All she could feel was she was missing her mom’s hug, the only thing which soothed her wounds and comforted her soul whenever life hit her hard. The only thing that felt right amidst all wrongs was her mother’s hand on her head. Whenever doubts dragged her in the dark, it was her mom’s voice that showed him light. Whenever she lost her way, her mother held her hand and brought her back to home. She was so tough, so bad through all these crucial years of their lives but her mom never complained, never left her ALONE.

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Amie went back home. She was waiting for her mom to be back from work. Amie hugged her the moment she entered through the door and cried her heart out. Told her everything, sobbing, she asked her,”why, why you never told me all this and went through everything alone, momma?” Her mother kissed her forehead, wiped away her tears and said,“you already had so much hatred for me in your little, beautiful heart, I didn’t want to fill it with even more hate and hurt. The second thing between us two, it was you who had good memories of the happy times we had as a family back then. I didn’t want to snatch those away from you, my princess” and she burst out in tears. For the first time, Amie saw her mother crying and so vulnerable. Amie went into the other room and quietly called up David and invited him home, the only person she knew who could make her mom smile again.

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When she saw David and her mom together she decided that like his father, her mom too deserved love. Her nightmare became her vision of ‘dream-wedding’ at that very moment. The thought of it brought a smile on Amie’s face. After a long period of darkness, finally the brightest moment came in Amie’s life was when David became her DAD and she also got a happy family of her own.

Soon her mom came and hugged her from behind and said, “Where are you lost? coffee is ready, my princess.” Her mom’s hug again brought Amie back to the life. She turned and hugged her mom right back and looked at her dad. He could read Amie’s eyes. He rubbed her back and said,”you are a daughter of a queen, dear princess. You just don’t have your mother’s beauty in you but her courage and strength too. With you both in my life, I feel like the king of the world.” They all burst in laughter again and hugged each other tightly.

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