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Best Valentine Gift eveeeeeer


In the living room, sitting on our couch and sipping our coffee we were watching the sun setting in the sky leaving those beautiful hues of reds and oranges. When you are happy from within everything looks beautiful, no doubt. I just put my head on his shoulder and said,”our love makes me feel like I am the happiest girl in the world.” Sipping his coffee and smiling at me, he told me once he heard someone saying that “happy woman is a myth” and he just could not understand why it’s been said or believed even…he didn’t oppose or questioned anyone but decided and locked it in his heart that he will always keep his woman happy…

And now I know that how he knows what I need and when…just because he tries and put in efforts to know me….the real me, as a person.

I feel so happy, when he hears all my confused thoughts, when I am not able to decide what I want, what I will do…but he listens to them all and help me channelling my thoughts.

I feel so happy when I am conscious of some new makeup or outfit at some function..his eyes are always flirting and every time I see him, I find him already looking at me…

I feel so happy, when I am upset he never leaves me alone …even if there is a difference of opinion or an argument, he always believes in talking and sorting out things…and never rests till I am fine 

I feel so happy, that he doesn’t let me do anything when m sick. He cleans and organises things in the home and cooks for me so that I can have rest

I feel so happy, that however hectic his day had been; every day when he comes back from the office he asks about my day 

I feel so happy that I don’t feel alone for a single moment.

There are no filters with him….such a beautiful space he provides me that I can totally be myself with him

I feel so happy …that he listens without any judgements…that he doesn’t want me to do things his way …who let me be…

Getting back to reality, I got overwhelmed with so many emotions … I asked him what do you think, makes any girl happy, what’s your idea of keeping a woman happy?

oh !! I had a moment of my life there…

Holding my hands in his. He brought me closer, put our hands on his heart and said, “Just love her… love her from all your heart ….and that love will always guide you through.”

I hugged him… I had my whole world in my embrace …and I was all enveloped in love…

It’s very important for a woman to feel loved. You don’t need big gestures…expensive gifts…you don’t need to do anything as such to prove your love … It’s all about genuinely loving her for who she is.

Yes, she nags, she has her mood swings, she is adamant and sometimes she is really tough. I know these are not a quality anyone wants in his/her life partner. But you should know that you are her whole world. She might be insecure; she might be scared; she might be tired; she might be missing that love.

Just tell her that you are there with her come what may be. There is nothing that can’t be fixed by love. Tell her she is never alone and you have her back. Tell her there is nothing to be afraid of till you are together.

As balance is the truth in every aspect of the universe, relationships don’t exist on one-sided emotions.

For the ladies out there, always know even if somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you with everything he has. Appreciate every little effort he put for you. Understand him when he disagrees. Be his number one fan, not just a critic. Make it easier for him to understand you. Guessing games are the old story. Communication is the backbone of any relationship. You have your mood swings; he might also have had a rough day…

This Valentine give a gift of love,

Love that you share, share what you Love

Love that you feel, and feel that you love

Love that drives you to do everything, and does everything that you love

Love that enables you to listen without judgments

Love makes you talk without barriers,

And believe this that LOVE WILL CONQUER IT ALL.




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